back on dialysis

in early 2017 I was able to stop undergoing dialysis. My nephrologist decided it was not necessary anymore but still kept me under control. then in april 2017 is was found that the p-anca particles had increased and that dialysis was necessary again
later is was also found that the MPA had attacked my lungs as well. all the while I had been coughing and at some point I was coughing up blood as well. that was a reason to immediately get me a bed at the hospital.
Ever since that time I have been regularly very sick. I was retaining water whereupon my feet swell up. thru dialysis we could get rid of this water in my feet and legs. I had subcatane cellulitis as well.

in the space of 3 months I had a pulmonary infection this passed year.

Because I had to climb to the 4th floor to my front door with difficulty I went looking for a new house. Since March 10th 2018 I am living in a second floor apartment (with elevator).
Since that moving I have had a pulmonary infection twice and galstones.
Because of cardiac failure a subcutane ICD ( had been placed.

The dialysis is doing me good. I am feeling good. I enjoy my new apartment intensely.